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I have been using the web for many years dating back to my time as an undergrad at the Maths Department of Trinity College Dublin. After graduating I went to work for a small Irish Internet Service Provider. During that time we were acquired by VIA NET.WORKS and supposedly merged into a larger Europe wide ISP, only for the strategy to change in the aftermath of the .com crash and the Irish company sold back to its original management. That spun off entity was then sold to Magnet after I left, so pretty much none of those companies now exist.

While I was there I was involved with a whole range of technologies including networking, Linux systems administration, writing web sites with a database backend for both external and internal use, internal perl scripts - including a couple I remember as eventually being over 1000 lines long.

I left the Irish ISP to move to London. At the same time, I completed my CCIE (Routing and Switching) Lab exam at the fourth attempt. After a short period at a small wireless ISP start up (of which the less said the better!) I joined a large pan European ISP/Telco and worked for just over a year on their core network and some of their management networks. This was the first time I'd been purely a networking - previously I'd combined network with systems administration. I then worked with a large financial extranet provider - which had just been acquired by BT - on key customer projects doing network design.

After another short term contract on leaving BT I lucked out and had an amazing contract in Singapore working for a US company on their Network Operations contract for a Fortune 10 company. Although it was originally supposed to be a 12 month contract, I was out there for three and a half years. The role was more focused on operations management rather than hard core networking. While out in Singapore I completed my MBA at the Chicago Booth Graduate School of Business on their Singapore campus (they've since moved their Asia campus to Hong Kong!)

These days my technical interests are spread out, and trying to get more awareness outside the traditional networking silo I've been operating in for the last decade. These include but are not limited to: